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wooo, go me, I joined :D

MXC is grand fun *is watching right now* Meh, <-- odd comment of the post

*waves at other AGers* Hello :)

(Yeah yeah, my "music" isn't even music... it's on my winamp player =P)
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MXC? o_O

And hello. ^^
What's MXC?

And Greetings! :)
Welcome. XD
gah, who to respond to? ieee, i'll just make a new one so i don't look tooooo idiotic x.X;;

MXC is the Most eXtreme elimation Challange :) Basicly, these japanese people put on a helmet and go do one of the many challanges. The one they often end with is called Log Drop. You jump on a whole line of giant rolling "logs", different distances from each other n stuff. It's fun to watch n laugh at, but some people get elimatated very painfully x.x They even have a little section at the end called The Most Extreme Elimations of the Day! They show them normal speed, half speed, and fourth speed (i think anyway, it keeps getting slower) and they just make you cringe XD At least one person looks like they should have snapped their neck.

Thankies! *waves again*
O_o That's a tad bit disturbing.
Sounds like it, huh? It's funny though :) And they have really bad voice-overs, and so when they run up to the starting point, a girl (for example) will shout "They're real!" and run off and do the challange. Random stuff like that. :] i like it
OOH! Yes I've seen it! Funny stuff