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Yes, it's finally be done. A community dedicated to those that waste away their lives on the website Avidgamers.com roleplaying. The Avidgamers website is a powerful place that holds thousands of play-by-post roleplaying games, many of these creative and orginally done.

This community is dedicated to those of us that spend most of our lives wasting away on this site. Feel free to join and share your roleplaying experiences with the rest of us. Feel free to rant about the lack of originality. Feel free to advertise for your own sites. But above all, meet others who share the common interest in this entertaining site.

The Rules
  1. Respect all members and their opinions, after all what's the fun in narrowmindedness?
  2. Do not join just to advertise you site. The advertising is just a fun perk.
  3. Have fun!

This community is maintained by lioma (AKA Darth Flirt, AG forums).